Five photographs making up page heading Photograph of Lancaster Castle Street leading up to Lancaster Castle View of St Peter's Cathedral Photograph of Millennium Bridge View of Lancaster Town Hall Ramblers Association, Lancaster Group

Minutes of the 48th Annual General Meeting of the Ramblers Association (Lancaster Group) held on Tuesday 21st November 2017.

Present: 27 members attended.

Apologies: Maureen Leach, Sue Brown, Angela Bolton, Susan Lucas, Nina Brindle, David Simpson.

Minutes of previous meeting: Approved.

Matters arising: Extension to Yorkshire Dales National Park has now taken place.

Treasurer’s report (David Todd): The treasurer presented the balance sheet. He reported that our finances are healthy overall. Sales of books are holding up well. The Group gave donations towards improvements to bridges. David thanked the independent examiner, Anne Donnelly, and Phil Wraith for help with some technical aspects of the accounts and Sheila Jones for organising the selling of books. He reminded members of the income available through the Walking Partnership (Ramblers Worldwide Holidays).

Secretary's report (David Johnson):

The secretary delivered a brief report (attached) highlighting the year's events. Sandra requested that photos submitted for the web site and Facebook be accompanied by location information. She suggested that we could also include information about footpath checks, maintenance and problems.

Footpath Secretary's report (Neil Herbert and Jean Walker):

Neil presented the Footpath Secretary's report (attached).

Joy presented a report on Lost Ways, also

attached. Ian asked about a bridge east of Farelton Fell, which was removed after being damaged during

Storm Desmond.

Chairman's report (Brian Jones):

Brian thanked the officers and members of the committee, remarking that we had a good working team. He also thanked all the volunteers who, in their various roles, made us the effective Group we are, including Gill for treks and holidays, Sheila for book selling, Sandra Todd and Sandra Pedley for the website and social media maintenance, Libby and Maureen for walks programme production, all event organisers

and those delivering newsletters, programmes and posters.

The English Coastal Path is progressing and active; we anticipate a draft route next spring. Our detailed report is being used as input to the project.

Election of Officers:

There were no new nominations to the committee. Ray Peel, Sandra Pedley and Libby Hacking are leaving the committee. Sue Pope proposed that the officers and committee members be re-elected, seconded by Pam Gorham. This was agreed unanimously.

The meeting unanimously agreed that Anne Donnelly should continue as Independent Examiner.

AOB: There as no other business.

The meeting closed at and was followed by a presentation given by Diane Simcoe, Ramblers Area Support Officer for North of England.

Diane reviewed the structure and governance of the Ramblers Association, and outlined her role as a bridge between Groups/Areas and Central Office. Gordon Phillips

thanked the speaker on behalf of the meeting.  

During refreshments we were able to watch a slide show of photographs, old and new, of people and places through our Group’s history.

Issue date 26/11/17

The full copy of the 2017 AGM Minutes includes the Treasurer’s balance sheet, Secretary’s Report, Footpath and Lost Ways reports.